Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Gender Convo

So there's Gayle King, who talked about the recent death of Kobe Bryant and his r*pe allegations during a post-death interview. People were outraged. Many dumb ass celebrities showed disapproval of King's insensitivity, including entertainer Snoop Dogg who called King a "G*at Mouth B*tch", something like that. This caused...

MLK: A Justice Continued

Justice happens naturally. Naturally creating the balance of life itself, without any help. It's a natural justice, guaranteeing no mistreatment and fair attention to all livings things. We are in a failed culture, one that purposely disturbs natural justice and balance - in exchange for deception, gree, and mental...

Vaccines & Voting

Are you still getting vaccinated? Do you line up for vaccinations to fight off germs, flu, viruses you hear about on the American News cycle? You may not need to take them as much as first thought. Check out a discussion from Bro Sanchez, it might make you think more...