Thursday, April 9, 2020
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As COVID-19 sweeps through the world, many take a look deeper into the new 5G Network technology that has rolled out since 2017, and if it's really good for our communities. Shit crazy. MICHECKMAG
In this great world created by the Most High, elite devils of the fallen angel have tried to destroy righteousness. They go against God at all costs, including taking children. Child trafficking is the unspoken secrets of the world for thousands of years. 2020 online media channels like Young...
One Year Later. Wonder why there are finish line flags flooded across the internet since March 31, 2020? Ermias Asghedom aka Nipsey Hussle was an American-born poet and leader with a great music career, and a blossoming entrepreneurial mind. On the morning of 3/31, Hussle was murdered senselessly. Since then,...