Friday, October 18, 2019



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With the first few candidates rolling out like milli villi nem, black people in North America have seemed to hit a breakthrough. After just ONE weird ass, almost black power, not really black black but chose a dope wife but still no black help AT ALL for 8 years...

Voting In America

We don't vote. It's silly. Maybe local, but eh. The world government's mission is to govern your mental. YOUR VERY THOUGHTS. But Mother Earth, didn't make any mistakes that need to be governed by man. Your mind needs no governing. Your body needs no governing. You are pure energy,...
Brother Umar Johnson talks politics such as Kamala Harris, the white washing of R Kelly, and more.Β MICHECKMAG

MLK Conspiracy, Definitely.

Aye bruh! TF.Β The government DEFINITELY killed Dr. King, yep sure did. But first, what the fuck is a conspiracy? These big ass words are offending. A conspiracy isΒ "a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful," as quoted by them niggaz over der aka Google. Here we...