Friday, May 24, 2019
Volume 4

Volume 4


Lord Jamar of mainstream fame Brand Nubians & recent Yanadameen Godcast, brings on homegrown researcher Bro. Sanchez to talk one of the most debated topics for the next few years to come indeed, flat earth. Is the earth we live on not spinning, but just a wonderful landmass from...
Should black folk care about St. Patrick's Day? WATCH ON MICHECKMAG
With the first few candidates rolling out like milli villi nem, black people in North America have seemed to hit a breakthrough. After just ONE weird ass, almost black power, not really black black but chose a dope wife but still no black help AT ALL for 8 years...
MM: Hey Google, you little bitch, when did slavery begin? Google: 1619. MM: Hey Alexa, you smart dumb bitch, when did slavery end? MM: Yea... that's what I thought. Power off bitch. Alexa: I never really power off. MM: What!? Alexa: Nothin. *power off* Niggas in America have become way too familiar with the word slavery....

TBT: Ali x Frazier

Watch Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier, two great champions of our time. #TBT MICHECK1TWO