On August 3rd & 4th re-fuckn-spectfully. Prayers for the families of victims.

El Paso, TX & Dayton, OH experienced what we all hate to see, evil. A Texas Walmart was shot up by young coward white male probable white supremacist Patrick Crusius, targeting dark-toned Mexicans, killing 22 beautiful souls.

A mass shooting less than 14 HOURS LATER occured August 4th in Dayton, OH along its most urban district #OregonDistrict. The shooter being yet another young white male white nationalist. Fkn evil.

But unfortunately that’s not the worst part. Ur American government plans on using horrible (even possible hoax), events and distractions to repeal and replace laws that will consistently take more and more of our rights away. Namely, the right for normal “citizens” to bear arms.

Yup, fucking take away our fucking protection and make martial law super, duper easy. Cue the Walmart commercial! And our freedoms will then be more uncertain than ever. We must fight — spiritually (and physically) — for our freedoms now, not later. Be proactive in our knowledge of right & wrong. To protect our land & soul, at the same damn time.

Ur American government is hoping for a race war soon.
WHAT SHOULD WE DO? Stay alert, stay aware, stay vigilant. Times are changing. No fear. – @classiklevine  #miCheckmag