MM: Hey Google, you little bitch, when did slavery begin?
Google: 1619.
MM: Hey Alexa, you smart dumb bitch, when did slavery end?
MM: Yea… that’s what I thought. Power off bitch.
Alexa: I never really power off.
MM: What!?
Alexa: Nothin. *power off*

Niggas in America have become way too familiar with the word slavery. since around well, forever. Man ruling has long been questioned, since it’s never proven more than how one man can temporary outsmart another. Childish ain’t it. But since a nigga first stepped in elementary school, the first silent read was this:

Gah damn, being black in America is wild boy! Anyway… fast forward to 2019 and many of us black people are asking for reparations for the motha fuckin’ sins of the government. Do YOU think government will ever say sorry and give up the bag? One Youtuber suggest, “by doing so, they will be destroying their own empire, and that won’t happen.”

#ADOSĀ (American Descendants of Slaves) Hashtag originatorsĀ Breaking Brown & Tone Talks created the moniker to try and gain support for reparations from the American government. But some say giving millions of dollars to the poor is basically arming them with power, and the probably government won’t ever willingly do that. Watch now. MM

If black people had preparations, they wouldn’t need reparations. – SANCHEZ