Jordan Peele just dropped a movie called Us. It was supposed to be scary and shit, but it's hard to be more scared than having a damn actor as a President, kicking people around and makin' threats and shit. Real life is scarier than a fuckin' movie now bitch....

Voting In America

We don't vote. It's silly. Maybe local, but eh. The world government's mission is to govern your mental. YOUR VERY THOUGHTS. But Mother Earth, didn't make any mistakes that need to be governed by man. Your mind needs no governing. Your body needs no governing. You are pure energy,...
Brother Umar Johnson talks politics such as Kamala Harris, the white washing of R Kelly, and more. MICHECKMAG

TBT: Ali x Frazier

Watch Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier, two great champions of our time. #TBT MICHECK1TWO

Turtle Island

Have you heard that North America was once called Turtle Island? And was the land of aboriginal (black) people before Columbus? Yup, it's a thing. But, Turtle Island is simply the basic matrix of mother nature. Watch Bro. Sanchez share details on Turtle Island, and more eye...

Hip Hop & The Hippie

Hip Hop as we know tha shit, began as a musical platform that became synonymous w/ innovation, peace, rhythm, and honesty. But just like many things of this current world, the more we learn the more we understand. Independent media outlet Bro. Sanchez examines Hip Hop v. The Hippie movement, and if government...


crypto currency like the uber popular bitcoin, are the focal point of underground money making. just don't bet the rent ? MAG