Friday, December 6, 2019
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Tag: Black America

This is how America does it huh? Lol. There are questions all things that we know come Hollywood, especially this one. Who should be inspired by this bullshit ass film? Not anybody real. We know the point, fight for what belongs to you. We don't need ya movie for that message....
Alert niggas and white suburbia. American State Police are still the problem. Watch now. MICHECKMAG Putting on a event as a black person in America is like... putting a target on your mutha fuckin back for the government to notice you and whatever the fuck you are doing. Period! You become...

Going Natural

In an unnatural world. Black Americans are beginning to realize the strength in original hair and are going natural more than normal. Something's awakening. Peep this great documentary on black hair in Black America. MICHECKMAG