Friday, December 6, 2019
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Tag: Independent Media

dave chappelle: old & new

Dave Chappelle is a fckn genius in observation. Too bad he can't observe how off he sounds these days. Listen to independent thinker Owen Benjamin's point of view, and more. Believe in yourself, and keep growing. MICHECKMAG
Aye bruh, world religion has killed more people than cigarettes and pig feet put together. Mechee X of online free media channel discusses religion, slavery, and all that other shit ya'll are confused AF about. Mainly b/c the elite want you to be. Watch more below. MM  

streaming black media

MICHECKMAG.COM and miCheck1two, LLC have come together to create free streaming playlists on Youtube featuring: more originals, more vibes, and more black & indie media such as The Real News, The Content,, Your Black World News, Democracy Now, and others in the current fight for justice in media. Watch everyday. #miCheckmag...