Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Tag: Yvette Carnell

MM: Hey Google, you little bitch, when did slavery begin? Google: 1619. MM: Hey Alexa, you smart dumb bitch, when did slavery end? MM: Yea... that's what I thought. Power off bitch. Alexa: I never really power off. MM: What!? Alexa: Nothin. *power off* Niggas in America have become way too familiar with the word slavery....

black panther

Wakanda is coo, but Wakanda ... is a movie. It ain't got shit on a world without racism/white supremacy. And that takes me, and you, and luv. Heavily promoted - but fuckin' so what - new Marvel movie Black Panther came out during black history month (white ppl got they money baby) and...


lavar ball is helluva a story in today's world. more men like ball are waking up to the realities of exploitation within this white supremacist-ran society of the NCAA, NBA, NFL, etc. As we shall eloquently say, we f*ck with the Balls and their effort to redefine entertainment. keep breaking...

str8 black male

renowned media channel yvette carnell and data guru antonio moore (s/o 2 dash radio) talk recent article saying black men are the white men of black people by the root's VSB