With the first few candidates rolling out like milli villi nem, black people in North America have seemed to hit a breakthrough. After just ONE weird ass, almost black power, not really black black but chose a dope wife but still no black help AT ALL for 8 years picture every year taking president, and 238 years of previous nonsense, the real people of America (BASICALLY ALL BLACK PEOPLE – except boule) are awakening to truths like flat earth, systemic racism, and way more on a weekly basis nationwide. Wonderful! ?

With the rise of black-owned wifi hashtags like #ADOS #Tangibles2020 #UsToo , black people in America are mentally ready to challenge the powers that be not. The US government is being forced to recognize the humanity in not only all BLACK people, but the poor in general. Watch wifi channels Boyce Watkins, Tariq Nasheed, Bro. Sanchez, Yvette Carnell, and more below.  MICHECKMAG